LifeSize High Definiton Video Conferencing


LifeSize® Express™ 200

LifeSize® does it again – extending the capabilities of the award-winning LifeSize® Express™ system, LifeSize® Express 200™ is a feature-packed, true HD video communications system that allows even more flexibility than ever before.

LifeSize® Express™ 220

Extending the capabilities of the award-winning LifeSize® Express™ system, LifeSize® Express 220™ is an enhanced Full HD video communications system that is both affordable and scalable.

LifeSize® Team™ 200

LifeSize® Team 200™ is the next step in work-group video communications. Technology is just the starting point for an improved communications experience. With LifeSize Team 200, you get True HD video quality (720p30) for natural, realistic interactions.

LifeSize® Team™ 220

For the first time, Full HD and superior multipoint conferencing is available at the midrange for 1/3 the price of others in its class. Introducing LifeSize® Team 220™ -- the next step in workgroup video communications.

LifeSize® Conference™

LifeSize® Conference™ lets you accelerate your global business by creating an immersive, high definition telepresence experience that is realistic and authentic. It lets you do more and travel less. And, unlike most telepresence systems, LifeSize Conference is affordable to organizations and accessible by more employees.

LifeSize® Conference™ 200

With the LifeSize Conference 200 solution, you get the most advanced technology and most immersive experience available today: Full HD, 1080p30, 720p60, and 720p30 dual streams to share data and documents in full motion, high definition. You also get an embedded multipoint control unit (MCU), complete with transcoding.

LifeSize® Video Center™

LifeSize® Video Center™ is the most powerful one button HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing solution on the market today. Share knowledge and communicate business-critical information via video, audio and data streaming. This single appliance solution ensures that videos are easily accessible, live and on demand, in immersive high definition.

LifeSize® LG Executive™

LG Executive, powered by LifeSize®, is the ideal combination of an HD video communications solution and the functionality of a HD display, all in one sleek form factor. This jointly developed offering from LG and LifeSize combines HD quality performance, affordability and interoperability to maximize the return on the customer’s video communications investment.