LifeSize Video Center

Introducing LifeSize® Video Center™ – Experience a New Era in HD Video Capturing.

LifeSize Video Center Image

LifeSize® Video Center is the most powerful one button HD streaming, recording and auto-publishing solution on the market today. Share knowledge and communicate business-critical information via video, audio and data streaming. This single appliance solution ensures that videos are easily accessible, live and on demand, in immersive high definition.

Easy Accessibility

The network administrator can easily add users and create recording keys so that authors can auto-publish content independently. With its one button record, 'choose your view' functionality, and no-wait streaming, the LifeSize Video Center delivers unmatched flexibility and performance. The intuitive UI also ensures that users can quickly share and view critical knowledge.

Superior Performance

LifeSize Video Center is capable of supporting an unrivaled number of concurrent recordings, on demand streams, and simultaneous live streams, all in 720p30 HD video. Performance numbers will also increase significantly for DVD-quality recordings.

The First and Only Single Appliance HD Solution

LifeSize Video Center supports streaming and recording, all in one device. Tight integration with LifeSize 220 endpoints ensures a no-hassle deployment and seamless user experience.

LifeSize® Video Center. Be Everywhere. Live…or On Demand.


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