LifeSize Control

Video Management Software

LifeSize® enables multi-vendor, IP management that offers centralized control and easy to use reporting, web based interfaces and standards support. The result is high reliability for users and confidence in maintaining a mission critical video communications network.

LifeSize® Control™ is an all-in-one, video conferencing software platform that provides complete management of multi-vendor video communications environments. LifeSize Control uniquely integrates into the enterprise IT environment, enabling video communications as a natural extension to your network.

Complete web-based video management software for multi-vendor networks.

LifeSize Control allows administrators to manage the entire video infrastructure at-a-glance.

LifeSize Control Advantages

Complete Multi-Vendor Management

LifeSize Control is a fully integrated, secure web browser-based application that provides complete management of multi-vendor video communications systems and infrastructure devices. No longer do you need to invest in multiple management platforms for all of your video devices.

Smart Scheduler with Automatic Call Establishment™

LifeSize Control's Smart Scheduler and Automatic Call Establishment software delivers a truly hands-off, easy-to-use scheduling and call launch platform. Administrators simply discover and manage systems, inform Control of appropriate associations between endpoints and infrastructure, then sit back and let Control handle everything from system scheduling to call establishment.

Microsoft Exchange Integration

With Control's Smart Scheduler and Exchange integration, end users schedule meeting resources just as they always have. Smart Scheduler handles the rest, allocating video resources where they are needed.


Powerful, graphical reporting available on demand makes tracking usage, service level agreements and cost of ownership easy. Control's report subscription services keeps administrators informed even away from the office with PDF™ reports delivered directly to their inbox or handheld device.

The Result

Proactive management using LifeSize Control means greater simplicity for end users and administrators and better return on video communications investments.

Features and Benefits:


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