LifeSize Camera 200


LifeSize PTZ Camera Product Image

720p / 1080p HDMI Compatible PTZ Camera for Room 200 and 220 Series Systems

LifeSize Camera 200 provides video resolution support up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, and features a wide angle lens with a 70 degree field of view and 4 x optical zoom. Pan, tilt and zoom functions can be controlled easily by both ends of the call through the intuitive LifeSize Remote Control. LifeSize Camera 200 is a powerful yet simple plug and play solution that delivers an optimal video communication experience.

Designed entirely by LifeSize for its Room 200 and 220 Series High Definition video communications systems, the LifeSize Camera 200 provides the best price / performance in the industry for any PTZ camera.

The LifeSize Camera 200 is recommended for Room 200 and all 220 Series LifeSize HD Video Conferencing Systems. For legacy systems, the Passport, and all 200 Series HD Video Conferencing systems besides the Room 200 see the LifeSize Camera.

Features and Benefits:

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