LifeSize Phone

High Definition Teleconferencing

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An authentic teleconferencing experience requires high definition audio. LifeSize® Phone™ is the high definition audio conference phone that delivers revolutionary audio conferencing sound quality and room coverage. Superior sound quality eliminates echoes, while electronic shielding eliminates the distracting "BlackBerry buzz" experienced by many conference phones in the presence of cellular telephones and PDAs.

High Definition Audio Conferencing to Hear Everyone Clearly

LifeSize Phone enables people to communicate effectively, whether working from a large conference room or a small office setting. For weekly executive and sales conference calls to regular project team meetings, audio conferencing needs to be productive.

Better Input - Complete Room Coverage

Powered by 16 always-on microphones and exclusive, patent-pending circular microphone array and beam forming technology, LifeSize Phone provides a seamless and immersive teleconference experience. With improved room coverage over existing devices, LifeSize Phone is far more robust than existing systems which typically use directional, gated microphones with only one microphone active at a time.

Better Algorithms - Super Wide-Band Audio up to 16 kHz

True CD quality, super wide-band audio up to 16 kHz uses MPEG4 AAC, the same algorithm used in the popular iPod® and iTunes® products.

Better Output — 10X Lower Distortion

Using a specially designed titanium speaker driver, LifeSize Phone reduces distortion by up to 10X over any other conference phone and results in better intelligibility via extended frequency response -- no need for a subwoofer with LifeSize Phone.

Flexible Connectivity - VoIP and Video System Integration

LifeSize Phone provides exceptional VoIP conference phone quality and integration to a host of Enterprise-class IP-PBX systems (SIP and H.323) which are also available through IP-based service providers. Also, use LifeSize Phone as a fully integrated audio solution with LifeSize® Room™ and LifeSize® Team™ video systems. Users can dial video calls or add audio participants from the simple-to-use touchpad and experience high definition quality, integrated audio conferencing.

IP-PBX Integration Programs

LifeSize Phone is pre-tested and integrated with multiple IP-PBX vendors to ensure the highest quality voice and video solutions tightly integrated with overall business communication's requirements. Testing is conducted across multiple vendors targeted at supporting a wide range of features. IP-PBX vendors currently in the LifeSize Integration Program include: Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Shoretel, Alcatel, Adtran, Asterisk, Broadsoft, 3COM, Mitel, Interactive Intelligence, PingTel.

The Result

Hear all participants in your teleconference with ease, reduce fatigue, and experience improved productivity and decision making.

Features and Benefits