LifeSize: Video Conferencing in High Definition

Who are we?

Since 1982, we have provided insight and products to the nation's largest corporations, all levels of government, the military, hospitals, non-profits, and dealers. With over 24 years of experience our goal at Tele-Communication, Inc. is to provide high quality communications equipment that connects business to consumers, reduces operating cost, creates a more efficient work place, and increases a company's bottom line.

Like many businesses, Tele-Communication, Inc. is well aware of the difficult economic conditions that the world is currently experiencing. Now, more than ever proactive cost management is needed without negatively impacting company growth. Business is also becoming increasingly more competitive and now requires accelerated development cycles to safeguard a competitive advantage.

The Importance of Video Conferencing

Video communications is a critical lever in today's economic climate. This is why Tele-Communication, Inc. is proud to offer you the next generation in high definition video communications, LifeSize Video Conferencing Solutions.

Our strong product knowledge allows us to help your business identify a video conferencing solution that is right for you, perform on-site installations (if needed), remote installations, equipment leasing, and product support.

Our Experience with LifeSize has Been Amazing and Boils Down to These key Strengths:

LifeSize delivers the ultimate telepresence experience, rivaled only by meeting in person. Let Tele-Communication, Inc. and LifeSize Communications Inc. allow you to do more and travel less.